PROJECT — Koondrook Wharf
Gannawarra Shire
Concept, Investment Case, Design Brief, Management Plan
Terroir Architects

The community wanted to reinstate the old wharf on the Murray River at Koondrook which had been dismantled in the 1960’s. Having explored the location, the cultural context and the existing marketplace we broadened our search investigating travel on the river, mooring and unloading, events spaces, food and wine spaces, marketplaces and arts spaces. 

We delved deeply into the problems the community was trying to solve and the aspirations for their town and their lives. We met with business owners, community leaders, residents and government officials. We went to homes, shops, pubs and meetings to hear what they had to say and showed them projects locally and nationally and internationally that opened their minds to new possibilities and got everyone thinking. 

We came back with the concept for a new river-edge structure that would do everything they wanted, and much more. The concept was warmly embraced, it achieved government backing, was constructed in 2016 and is now not only a wharf, but a site for celebrations and events, the platform for arts and cultural activity, for discovering the natural world and for new business ventures.