Real-World Focus — 26 June 2017,
Even when the project brief does not require it, it is critical that we take account of your financial mission and vision. We must plan projects that operate sustainably. This may be through models that work with private sector partners and philanthropy or, more frequently now, with social innovators and enterprises that share your values.

Many of our clients are from the not-for-profit or government sectors. Their stated missions define their role as organisations that exist to achieve benefits for current and future generations. The long range visions and strategic plans reflect the way the mission will be achieved. The benefits are not generally measured in dollars.

What is often not stated so overtly is the business mission, vision and strategy. How does any mission-driven organisation stay in business these days without taking account of the finances -  increasing revenue and decreasing costs?

We always start with the stated mission and vision of the organisation, but we always ask about the business – making ideas work from a financial perspective.  This is our real-world focus.

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