New Market Segments Every Day — 2 January 2018, Sally Hirst
All sectors need to be alert to changes in the marketplace. These are opportunities to engage with segments that would enjoy what you offer if it was tailored to meet their needs.

This is not just a mere dog walking service or a kennel. These days there are dogs who don’t know how to play, who have separation anxiety and who don’t socialise. And there are owners who don’t know how to read dog body language and who can’t take their dog out every day. 

So of course there is a business set up to help. For a modest fee, in Melbourne, your dog can enjoy a half day trip, running, playing, exploring and socialising with other dogs. They will even send you photos of your dog enjoying the fun. Or, you can buy training of all kinds, in home and out. It’s endless.

This service didn’t exist a few years ago. But with dog ownership on the rise, more owners living in apartments, and owners who work long hours, there’s a chance for all sorts of new products and services to emerge.

Do you have a chance to entice today’s doting dog owners to engage with your product?

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