Making Museums — 28 May 2017, Sally Hirst
Hotels are increasingly offering museum-like experiences to attract guests. Macq 1, in Hobart and opening in June 2017, is branding itself as ‘a storytelling hotel’. Every room interprets the story of a character associated with Tasmania. Similarly, the Art Series Hotels in Australia and the 21C Hotel series in the US are on this trend.

Shops, cafes and now hotels are using the attributes of museums and galleries to differentiate themselves. They curate objects on display, they bring history and heritage alive with storytelling, they bring in the work of local makers, artists and writers to engage their customers and guests.

Museums have had to look to revenue raising strategies to stay in business. Cafes and shops are now the norm. Functions and events are the norm. Informal learning experiences are the norm.

So, when will museums and galleries use the same tactics? When will accommodation become the norm?

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