Focus on the Future — 28 April 2017, Sally Hirst
If you want to build a truly great destination, attract a significant market, enjoy a sustainable business model and be around for a long time, then focus on the future. Look closely at trends and emerging business models and, above all build in flexibility. Change is inevitable.

You’d be surprised how many projects are based on a set of assumptions that are quite short sighted. People often work on the basis of what they experience as an existing need and existing means of delivery.

Major capital projects take a few years to come to fruition. Listening to the community, planning, testing the concept, and designing the project take time. Raising the funds takes time. Construction takes time. Day one is not when you have the idea and get started, day one is when the idea is implemented – the day after launch day. If you plan for now, then on day one it is likely that you will already be in catch-up mode. The real test comes at the end of year 2, when the gloss is off and the project is no longer new. 

When the politicians have left the building and the operational team is on the ground, reality kicks in. Be prepared!

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