Cake Exhibition: The Hopetoun Tea Rooms — 22 April 2017, Sally Hirst
This café is an amazing example of the power of an exhibition to contribute to the visitor experience and act as a marketing tool.

The Hopetoun Tearooms is rather a hidden gem. Off the main street and located in a wonderful heritage arcade in Melbourne, Australia it never fails to attract a large crowd willing to queue for cake. Its secret is not the quality of the cake, rather it is the visual spectacle of a large number of highly decorated cakes and tarts arranged in a wonderful ‘showcase’ and ‘labelled’ to indicate the variety of taste sensations that are on offer. The lighting is such that the window glows enticingly. The vignette of the couple enjoying their tea, implies its roots in the tradition of afternoon tea prompting memories of times gone by. However many times you pass by, you can’t help but stop and look.

Outside, visitors wait patiently for a table and photograph the gorgeous display, posting avidly on Facebook and Instagram, sending the message around the world. The owners clearly understand their business!

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